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Experiential learning programs, when designed with expertise and competently delivered, can provide opportunities for incredibly powerful personalized learning.

MTa Insights is the ultimate trainer’s resource. This comprehensive and powerful experiential learning kit contains 53 high impact experiential activities that generate a wide range of learning opportunities in areas such as team skills, leadership, communication, problem solving and change.

Unleash the power of Experiential Learning Activities with MTa

MTa Insights is incredibly versatile and infinitely flexible. There are activities that will test, challenge and stimulate participants of all levels, from entry level apprentices to the most senior of leaders. The activities range from 10 minute ice-breakers to 3 hour leadership tasks.

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Team 360 View

Invaluable Feedback · Specific and Measurable

When teams ask the question, “How are we doing?” they often start with a team assessment. It gives the team their own, internal view of their performance.

But there is a second way to answer the question: ask the people who interact with the team on a regular basis. Ask the customers of the team, the stakeholders, the people who are impacted by the team’s everyday performance. This external view from the people whose opinions matter and are most affected, is invaluable feedback to the team.

How it works

The Team 360 View™ is an diagnostic tool based on the same proven model as the Team Diagnostic™, used with thousands of teams worldwide since 2005.

The online survey takes about 20 minutes to complete. The responses from all stakeholders are combined and presented in a report that displays the results in multiple graphic layers, each layer more detailed. The diagnostic also includes stakeholder responses — anonymously — to essay style questions that can be customized for the team.

The Team 360 View™ model looks at two dimensions:

The model defines seven attributes in each of these two areas:

The Team 360 View™ gives the team invaluable information from the people whose opinions matter most: the people who are served by the team every day.

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Organization View

Measure Organizational Strengths · Improve Culture and Performance

The output of an organization tells a surface story; but the underlying health of the organization is hidden. Today when organizations ask the question, “How are we doing?” they are looking beyond bottom line numbers. They want to know “where are we strong?” and “where can we get stronger?”

To perform at a high level in a sustainable way means being strong in the competencies that are required to perform the necessary functions, and, in a culture that supports and sustains individuals and collaboration.

Measure Organizational Strengths · Improve Culture and Performance

Now there is a way to measure both. The Organization View™ provides measurement from the two essential dimensions: the health of the culture and the capability of the organization to be productive.

The Organization View™ diagnostic delivers a comprehensive picture of the state of the organization’s strengths drawn by the people who know best: the people who work here every day.

How it works

The Organization View™ is a diagnostic tool based on the same proven model as the Team Diagnostic™, used with thousands of teams worldwide since 2005.

The online survey takes about 20 minutes to complete. The diagnostic can be used with a division, a large department, an entire organization, or a representative sample of the organization. The final report can be segmented to show overall results as well as results from subsets of the diagnostic. For example you could compare the view of IT with finance, or manufacturing.

The Team Diagnostic™ model looks at two dimensions:

The model defines seven attributes in each of these two areas:

The Organization View™ is an ideal way for leadership of the organization to see where the organization is strong and healthy, and where high potential improvements can be leveraged.

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Team Leader View (TLV)

Team Leader View (TLV) by Team Coaching International (TCI)

One powerful tool with a dual purpose: A view of the team and the impact of leadership.

The pressure is on every team and team leader to continuously improve team performance.

Now there is a simple process to jump-start that effort: the Team Leader View™ — a tool to leverage the most fundamental wisdom of leadership: what gets measured gets managed.

This convenient online diagnostic gives team leaders a way to compare their view of the team’s strengths and weaknesses, to a proven model of team effectiveness used by thousands of teams worldwide.

The diagnostic also shifts the mindset from leadership of individual performers, to leadership of the team as a whole. After all, at the end of the day this is how leaders are measured: by the results of the team. A leader may be a great communicator but that is inconsequential if the team doesn’t communicate well.

In this way the Team Leader View™ is also leadership feedback. For team leaders it is a measure of the impact of their leadership

The Team Leader View™ is a diagnostic tool based on the same proven model as the Team Diagnostic™. The online survey takes about 20 minutes to complete; the resulting report provides leaders with clear direction for team improvement based on their view of team performance.

For example, it’s not enough that the team’s leader is personally effective at setting goals and strategies to achieve them. If the team does not have the same strength there is room for leadership improvement.

The Team Leader View™ model looks at two dimensions:

The model defines seven attributes in each of these two areas:

Teams that excel at both are high performing and sustainable: creative, adaptable and resilient.

The Team Leader View™ is a powerful lens that quickly and effectively outlines the development opportunities for team leadership.

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Average improvement in Productivity & Positivity conditions using Team Diagnostic Assessment

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Team Diagnostic Assessment (TDA)

Team Diagnostic Assessment (TDA) by Team Coaching International (TCI)

Most current organizational and coaching approaches assess and coach the team as a collection of individuals.

With this approach, assessments measure the characteristics, preferences and performance of individual team members.

The results are then compiled into a profile in which individuals can compare themselves to one another.

This is valuable information for team members, but it is only half the picture. The missing half: a picture of the team as a whole.

The Team Diagnostic™ is a unique approach to working with teams because it regards the team as a dynamic “system”

A team is more than the sum of its parts. A team is a living, dynamic entity with its own personality, spoken and unspoken rules, vision, blind spots, even moods.

With the Team Diagnostic™ team assessment the team’s needs are explored independent of the needs of any single member.

This shifts the attention and the work of the team to the team itself.

How Team Diagnostic Assessment Works

Research shows that the most successful teams have the means to take action and build effective relationships to motivate and sustain that action.

The Team Diagnostic™ team assessment tool is built on these two fundamental axes:

The Team Diagnostic™ model defines seven separate productivity factors and seven positivity factors. This constellation of competencies and increasingly detailed layers of the report provide a complete picture for creating high-performing teams.

The Team Diagnostic™ model looks at two dimensions:

Teams that excel at both dimensions are high performing and sustainable. They are creative, adaptable and resilient. Our team assessment tools pave the way.

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Average improvement in Productivity & Positivity conditions using Team Diagnostic Assessment

The Team Diagnostic™ is available in the following languages:

English (UK)

French Canadian

Spanish (Latin America)
Spanish (Spain)

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A fast-paced team strategy and decision-making game

Diamonds (powered by, is an extremely engaging and fast-paced team strategy game, which places focus on important team processes like: selecting and prioritizing important information, making decisions based on insufficient data, communicating and creating test scenarios in order to validate hypotheses.

Teams must choose their actions carefully, in order to maximize their gain while searching a 15 by 15 tile area for… diamonds!

Key learning points

Game Context

Can your team function efficiently and find all the mines?

Survival Games

Do you have what it takes to survive in extreme conditions? How about your team?

Discover all these answers (and more) while enjoying this all-time classic activity in a more gripping online environment!

Survival games (powered by are fun exercises where groups evolve into teams as they communicate, build trust, synergize and engage in collaborative problem solving and decision making.

Whether you choose Arctic Survival, Desert or Ocean Survival, your team will go through two stages: first, individuals prioritize available objects according to what they believe is the most important to their survival. Second, the team gets together and negotiate a single ranking of the same objects – the team ranking! Which will be better?

Unexpectedly, teams often register better scores than the best individual score from the first stage – it is a very powerful argument for teamwork.

Negotiations within the team can get really heated, even more so when people feel they know better. Not unlike daily interactions! So, dealing with these situations while also being pressured by time is a powerful lesson.

Unleash the potential of your team with Survival Games!

Key Learning Points

Key Outcomes

Escape games can be played mainly as an Team Building activity and in some cases as an Ice Breaker. It’s fun enough to be just that. However, it can be SO MUCH more than that!

Will working together with your team increase your chances of survival? Or not!?


Unleash the power of correlation and help participants express themselves through their chosen photo!

Expressive (powered by offers a full set of original photos, which allow participants to become masterful communicators and use their favorite photo as visual aid while sharing their ideas with the group. Whether used as an ice-breaker, during the introduction, or at check-out, this activity engages all participants.

Participants can share more complex ideas in a clearer way, as including visual aids adds a whole new level to communication.

It is an activity that includes 50 unique artistic images that helps participants make instant associations with their experiences, emotions, aspirations, realities and more.

It’s a fun and engaging way to:

Participants simply select one image at a time and submit their choice which is debriefed based on the context. The images can be used in several ways such as:

  • Icebreakers & Introductions: Choose a picture that says something about you
  • Topic of Discussion: Choose a picture that best represents collaboration / problem solving / customer centricity etc.
  • Goal Setting: Choose a picture that represents your expectations from this program or your personal or professional goals
  • Critical Thinking: Choose a picture and make a list of questions based on the image (Why, When, Who, Where, How)
  • Empathy & Perspective: Choose a picture, put yourself in that situation, what will you be thinking & feeling?
  • Selling Skills: Choose a picture and create a sales pitch with a clear unique selling proposition
  • Summarize Key Learnings: What was one of the most important learning for you and which picture represents the learning?”


Let participants truly discover the key skills needed to master the art of impeccable communication

As the word suggests, Replica (powered by is an extremely fun and engaging activity where participants engage in active communication to create an exact copy of a design.

Each team is assigned ONE image. This image can be viewed only by one team member who is playing the role of a “Narrator”.

Narrator’s role is to provide specific feedback to the other team members (Followers) for them to create a replica of the original image. Followers who come closest to creating a replica of the original image get the highest score

Key Learning Points

Replica is a flexible game and can be played in pairs or bigger groups