A fast-paced team strategy and decision-making game

Diamonds (powered by, is an extremely engaging and fast-paced team strategy game, which places focus on important team processes like: selecting and prioritizing important information, making decisions based on insufficient data, communicating and creating test scenarios in order to validate hypotheses.

Teams must choose their actions carefully, in order to maximize their gain while searching a 15 by 15 tile area for… diamonds!

Key learning points

Game Context

Can your team function efficiently and find all the mines?


Let participants truly discover the key skills needed to master the art of impeccable communication

As the word suggests, Replica (powered by is an extremely fun and engaging activity where participants engage in active communication to create an exact copy of a design.

Each team is assigned ONE image. This image can be viewed only by one team member who is playing the role of a “Narrator”.

Narrator’s role is to provide specific feedback to the other team members (Followers) for them to create a replica of the original image. Followers who come closest to creating a replica of the original image get the highest score

Key Learning Points

Replica is a flexible game and can be played in pairs or bigger groups