Unleash the power of correlation and help participants express themselves through their chosen photo!

Expressive (powered by offers a full set of original photos, which allow participants to become masterful communicators and use their favorite photo as visual aid while sharing their ideas with the group. Whether used as an ice-breaker, during the introduction, or at check-out, this activity engages all participants.

Participants can share more complex ideas in a clearer way, as including visual aids adds a whole new level to communication.

It is an activity that includes 50 unique artistic images that helps participants make instant associations with their experiences, emotions, aspirations, realities and more.

It’s a fun and engaging way to:

Participants simply select one image at a time and submit their choice which is debriefed based on the context. The images can be used in several ways such as:

  • Icebreakers & Introductions: Choose a picture that says something about you
  • Topic of Discussion: Choose a picture that best represents collaboration / problem solving / customer centricity etc.
  • Goal Setting: Choose a picture that represents your expectations from this program or your personal or professional goals
  • Critical Thinking: Choose a picture and make a list of questions based on the image (Why, When, Who, Where, How)
  • Empathy & Perspective: Choose a picture, put yourself in that situation, what will you be thinking & feeling?
  • Selling Skills: Choose a picture and create a sales pitch with a clear unique selling proposition
  • Summarize Key Learnings: What was one of the most important learning for you and which picture represents the learning?”